Windows XP SP3 Extreme Seven 2010 XGamer x86 Drivers

Baixar Windows XP SP3 Extreme Seven 2010 XGamer x86 Drivers

Descrição: Esse Windows é uma versão do XP com todas as funcionalidades, Aparencias e designer do windows Seven , dai o nome Extreme Seven , é muito bom para os amantes de   jogos que querem ter um sistema bonito e ao menos  tempo rapido , muito rapido igual o XP… Essa é pra voces Galera…

Programas e Drivers Já Inclusos na ISO…


Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
eras and corders
Display Adapters
Display Adapters (old)
Ethernet (LAN)
IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
IBM ThinkPad
Logitech WingMan
Microsoft SideWinder
Portable Audio
Serial Pen Tablet
Sony Jog Dial
Sound Controllers
Tape drives
Toshiba DVD decoder card
Wireless Ethernet (WLAN)

Hardware Support

ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller
ALI IDE Controller
ATM Support
Bluetooth Support
Brother Devices
CMD PCI IDE Controller
CPU Transmeta Crusoe
Firewire (1394) Support
Firewire Network support
Gravis Digital GamePort
Iomega Zip drive
Joystick Support
Modem Support
Multi-port serial adapters
Smart Cards
Sony Memory Stick
Toshiba PCI IDE Controller
VIA PCI IDE Controller
Windows CE USB Host


AOL ART Image Format Support
DirectX diagnostic tool
Images and Backgrounds
Mouse Cursors
Movie Maker
Old CDPlayer and Sound Recorder
Tablet PC


Client for Netware Networks
Communication tools
Comtrol Test Terminal Program
Connection Manager
FrontPage Extensions
Internet Information Services (IIS)
NetShell Cmd-Tool
Network Diagnostic
Network Monitor Driver and Tools
NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Protocol
Synchronization Manager
Vector Graphics Rendering (VML)

Operating System Options

.NET Framework
Administrative Templates
Administrator VB scripts
Application compatibility patch
Auditing Resource Dlls
Blaster/Nachi removal tool
Certificate Management
Command-line tools
Disk and Profile Quota
Document Templates
DR Watson
Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
File System Encryption
Help and Support
IExpress Wizard
Manual Install and Upgrade
MS Agent
MS XML 2.0
Out of Box Experience (OOBE)
Remote Installation Services (RIS)
Search Assistant
Security Center
Service Pack Messages
Symbolic Debugger (ND)
Web View


Application Layer Gateway
Automatic Updates
Beep Driver
Distributed Link Tracking Client
Error Reporting
Fax Service
IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service
Internet Authentication (IAS)
IPSEC Policy Agent
Message Queuing (MSMQ)
Network Location Awareness (NLA)
Network Provisioning
Performance Logs and Alerts
Quality of Service (QoS)
Remote Registry
Route Listening Service
RPC Locator
Secondary Logon
Service Advertising Protocol
Simple TCP/IP Services
Task Scheduler
Terminal Services
Uninterruptible Power Supply
Volume Shadow Copy

Instalação de Programas:

*Firefox 3,5
*Windows 7 Appz
*Adobe Flash Player
*Google Chrome
*Foxit Reader 2
*Internet Explorer 8
*VLC Player
*Workpad 2009
*WinRAR 3
*Windows Media Player 11 (WMP12 Edition)

Gênero: Sistema Operacional
Desenvolvedor: MIcrosoft
Plataforma: PC
Lançamento: 2010 ( Repack 2011 )
Tamanho: 6 75MB
Idioma: EN
Serial: Incluso
Uploader: Fernando Henrique

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