The Haunting XviD

Sinopse: In 1947, three little girls in a Catholic boarding school claim that they had seen the Virgin Mary and are capable to heal the needy people. Fifty years later, the local Catholic Bishop that lives in the old house dies and the medical doctors Pedro and his wife Francesca, who is depressed and under psychological treatment, rent the isolated house from the Catholic Church to raise their baby Pablo in the countryside. However, the attic and the basement are locked but the Church promises to recover and deliver the rooms later. Francesca is obsessed with the safety of Pablo, having nightmares during the night. She is also haunted by noises and apparitions and is in the edge close to insanity. Meanwhile, the psychiatrist Priest Miguel discharges the patient Blanca that had slept for fifty years from a Catholic institution. When Blanca meets Francesca in the real estate, she gives the name of Priest Miguel to the physician. Francesca visits the priest and discloses a disturbing secret about the old house.

Nome Original: The Haunting
Direção: Elio Quiroga
Lançamento: 2009
Duração: 1h34Min
Gênero: Terror | Mistério
Áudio: 10
Vídeo: 10

Tamanho: 702MB
Ídioma: Inglês

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